Saturday, 2 January 2010

Spoilt Oh Nine.

I haven't really talked too much about Christmas so I thought it deserved a mention.

Spending the week with the Goldens, meeting family, eating food and generally being spoilt was the best.
We also checked out an exhibition; Between Metaphor and Object: Art of the 90s from the IMMA Collection at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, there was some works by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov it was amazing. There was also a really good exhibition on called Pictures of New York, worth a check out. The museum is a beautiful building.
Zach's mum went all out, seriously spoilt me, I felt like a kid again coming downstairs on
Christmas morning to a mound of wrapped presents, including this beautiful necklace:

Freshwater pearls and a 1950s vintage brooch, so lovely.
Getting back to Wales was a nightmare, Ryanair fucked us over with delays and queing. Hey Dublin airport.
Back in Wales Zach was getting into the Christmas spirit too.


  1. oooh lucky! that necklace is beautiful! x

  2. Woo you went to the exhibit. I knew you guys would like it :)

  3. Yes it really is beautiful!

    The exhibition was really good. If you end next time you're in London we'll go to an exhibition Laura :)

  4. The building is definitely the best part of that museum. I like to imagine it's my house.