Monday, 7 December 2009

Back to Bayside High School

I was thinking earlier about Tony Robinson and how much I love him, seriously I think he's the best guy ever, I could watch Time Team all day. Anyway, I started to think where this love affair my have begun and I remembered my favourite kids TV show ever, Maid Marian and her Merry Men!
This was the best after school TV ever!! Apperently it ended on it's fourth season in 1994 which makes m around seven when it finished, if you're having trouble remembering then here's a little refresher.

It got me thinking about other TV shows that I miss watching. There was a show that was on Channel 4 on Sunday mornings called Wise Up, no-one else remembers this TV show, I can't find any videos on you tube or any photos, I began to think I was going mental and making it all up but it really did exsist and it really was awesome. The song at the begining of the show was this rap that went along the lines " Wise Up, wise up, when you watch it makes your eyes wanna light up, light up!" It also had a feature on the show called Knowing Me, Knowing You, where teenage couples would get asked questions about their partner and get a bucket of water of their heads if they got the majority wrong. It was ace.

Also bring back Saved By The Bell ( NOT the college years OR the new class!!)

I fancied Zack so much and I think I drove my Gram insane singing along to this in the mornings.

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