Sunday, 6 December 2009

Feeling festive

I've spent this morning feeling ill, eating the left overs from last night's Dominos pizza and helping my Grandma decorate her Chrisstmas tree.
My Grandma goes crazy at Christmas, she tried telling me earlier that she doesn't like Christmas but she definitely loves it. From September (August sometimes) she starts talking about presents and decorations and by the begining of December her living room looks like a Santa's Grotto, I have never seen so many decorations. The brighter and more shiney the better.
This is my Grandmas tree at the moment.

It's fake, she bought it last January for £1 in the sales and at the moment has three different sets of lights including ones that look like massive red candles where the bulbs flicker to look like flames. All the decorations hanging off it are abit weird, some are plain ball-balls others are flowers or china mice or knitted angles and some weird silver streamer things but they all seem to have a story behind them.

This one is made of varnished pastry apparently and brought back from Equador by my Uncle about 10 years ago.
The whole time I was helping with the tree her bloody budgies in the cage next to me would'nt stop tweeting and attacking the cage everytime I happened to be near, they are mental, they'll try and bite you if you as much as look at them, be warned.

Tiggernigs is always about.

I took a picture of my Gram after the tree as she supervised my 9yr old brother Oakley finishing off with the decorations, she was complaining because she didn't have any jewellry on and her hair was a mess and she was generally unprepaired.

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