Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Gagosian Gallery

Yesterday it was cold and rained.
It looks pretty much like that today as well but I haven't been outside yet.
I was in London yesterday, in the cold and the rain and even a bit of snow.
Went to the Gagosian Gallery on Britannia St to check out the Crash exhibition with some friends.
I usually feel really odd about galleries where people wear suits but it was awesome and the staff were really helpful and friendly.
I was surprised by some of the work, surprised at the work I liked, and generally pretty impressed.

This was my favourite, a work by Mike Nelson, he had built a self contained cinema lobby that you walk into.
Once inside you can see the figures of other people walking around the gallery behind the mirrored doors but they can't see you.
It even smells like an old dusty cinema.

That was also really good, I might take Zach there when he's over next.

It was a good day, shame I feel like I'm coming down with some sort of cold today.

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