Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Eat to the Beat

Today I was in a charity shop flicking through the records and the radio was playing Blondie at which point I said, "I wish I could find a Blondie record".
Within the same minute as that sentence had left my mouth I found a Blondie record.

Later I might wish for something else.

Also bought a Polaroid camera with a full film for £3 and more records.


  1. i'm waving my fist at you Lottie. haha. Although not so much at the Blondie record, I got given most of those from my Nan and Gramps pub. They got to keep all the records in the Jukebox!

    Polaroid film however is prooving to be the bane of my life!

  2. Yeah me too! I have an instax camera aswell and the film for them is a little easier to get hold of but still they're both mega expensive. x

  3. super annoying! Ilford need to buy polaroid so they can make the film again! xxx