Saturday, 6 February 2010

The early bird...

This morning at 4.45am Becky and I headed over to Wembly to a vintage fashion sale at The Angel warehouse.
We queued from 5.30am until the doors opened at 8.30am.
Usually I'm not a queuing person and generally sitting outside shops camped out seems ridiculous but we'd been tipped off by a friend that this was the only time worth going as a couple of thousand people would turn up and they only let a certain amount in at a time.
We weren't the first there but we were in the first 50.
It was £5 in and you then got to fill a medium sized bag full of clothes for £20 or a supersize for £50 (bags provided by the company).
There were boxes and boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories divided up into gender and then decade and then type of clothing.
The stuff was amazing and people were crazy, seriously crazy most people had at least two or three supersize bags full and there was even a girl fight and security had to come in.
Anyway, I picked up these gems all in my £20 bag as most of the clothes there seemed pretty big and I wasn't very good at fighting for stuff like everyone else.

*Fake fur

All in all, two pairs of shoes, one pair of boots, a pair of jeans, a bag, three vintage hats, a slip, and a skirt all for £20. When we going in the queue was said to be nearly a mile and as we were leaving there was still alot of people waiting. Good times.
The vintage fair is also in Le Pub so everyone should try and make it out to that and Northcote Lane market is coming around again soon so that should be worth a look too.

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