Sunday, 17 January 2010

The infamous rampage.

When I was younger my Dad built me and my brothers the best treehouse ever. It wasn't quite the one above but it was really cool and really high in the tree so you could see across all the fields.
As a kid I was really into treehouses and exploring and making dens, I made so many dens around my garden out of stupid stuff and even one created on a river bank using bricks and corrugated iron for a roof.
The tree house is gone now.
My parents told me a load of cows that were being herded down the road by a farmer came into the garden and rampaged around destroying the supports for the treehouse.
I never saw the cows or the rampage and come to think of it I've never seen cows being herded down the street before that or since. It's coming to light that this all may have been an elaborate lie and maybe the treehouse came to an end by other means. All that aside, the point is I want a treehouse again, but one that is more like a spare room and has electricity and water etc. you can definitely get them but I'm sure the cost a stupid amount of money.
More treehouses in my life.

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  1. that is the coolest treehouse!

    I want one too! x