Sunday, 10 January 2010

189.05 Miles

It's a long way.

There's still snow. It's stopped actually snowing but there is still snow on the ground and apparently there's abit more to come over the next few days. Everyone has complained alot about the snow but I'll definitely miss it when it's gone, what else are you going to do in January? The sales were rubbish so you might as well just enjoy the novelty of this snowy weather. Thankfully I appear to be one of the few who haven't fallen over, although I hope I'm not speaking to soon, but it seems that most people have landed flat on their arse due to the snow- Zach Golden being the latest victim. Sorry Zach.

I've been feeling pretty creative today (this doesn't happen often) but I saw a friend of mine Sophie selling some embroidery she'd done at the vintage fair in Le Pub yesterday so I decided to do some more myself. I'd been working on some embroidery in uni over November and had plans to do more so it kind of gave me a kick start. It's a shame more people don't make the effort to go out to Le Pub for the monthly vintage fair, there genuinely is alot of good stalls there selling everything from clothes and jewellry to zines and vegan snacks, the bar is open and it's free entry.

As I said 189.05 miles is a long way :(

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