Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pizza and Packing

My headache has finally started to die down just in time for me to pack up my stuff and go back home. Packing is not fun at all so I thought I'd treat myself to a pizza to make the whole process abit more bearable.

So I'd already eaten half of it by the time I'd taken a photo, the photo doesn't even do it justice, so so good, it has sun dried tomatos on it! Posh pizza. Seriously though, the pizza shop round the corner does amazing pizza and a large is only around £5. Good times.

I went into London on Saturday on with Becky looking for xmas presents but Oxford street wrecked my head. Fuck Christmas shoppers. There were amazing Christmas lights though, Carnaby Street looks hilarious.

This lad was rubbish, he kept dropping those fire things all over the place.
Just off Oxford Street not far from Marble Arch was this random 'Christmas Village' it was pretty cute.
Also, thai buffet in Camden rules every time.

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