Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Last weekend was the busiest in a long time.
I went home and there was alot going on, I had way too little sleep due to all of this.
Houseparty, vintage fair, airport, Le Pub (drinking heavy), seeing friends, sleeping late, airport, seeing friends, show, lock-in, tired, airport and then finally back to Kingston.
Also an intense game of scrabble at 2am.

Jumper bought at the vintage fair. Definitely having a stall next time. Also bought some homemade banana bread from Stubbs, it seriously was so good (it's half eaten in the picture).

I have no idea what Le Pub looked like on Saturday or what even happened, bad times, but on Sunday night this was going on:

For some reason I have a photo of Bobby eating vegan curry in Le Pub holding a tin a Chappy dog food, I think it was taken late Sunday night.

Good weekend. I'm going to spend all week sleeping now.

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