Monday, 4 May 2009

Northcote Lane Market

So this Sunday I popped along to Northcote Lane Market to hold a stall with Marianna (the amount of clothes she owns never ceases to amaze me!). I'd never been there and had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be pretty awesome, it was so sunny and there were little flags hanging around the place, it all felt very British. It was held at a place called the Milgi Bar in Roath, Cardiff. It was lovely although the extremely overpriced drinks threw me a little.
Marianna tidying up our rail, although mostly hers, you can just about see the flags hanging above the street!

This is our stall :) I made a little money, to be honest I spent a fair bit while I was there but I managed to have a good day out buy things and come back with more money then I'd taken, Marianna on the other hand made well over £100!

After working until 3am Sunday morning then having to get up go to Le Pub and clean then the market I was exhausted last night, I 've woke up this morning and I still feel exshausted. To top it all off, either I've got an eye infection or I'm having an allergic reaction to something which hasn't happened in years, my eye is swollen and very blood shot. Bad times.

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  1. Hiya! Loved the Market on Sunday - think I bought a bag from your stall which I LOVE!! I am writing an article for the Cardiff Uni paper about the market and wondered if I could get a couple of quotes from you girls? What you liked about the market? What made the sell there? Would you again? Was it successful? Anything really! Where do you normally shop? What's your style? My email is Many thanks, Emily